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How to execute a curling shot

In this video, Michael Lewis Cunningham breaks down the technique required in order to give the ball a curling effect when you strike it. Advertisements ...

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Essential passing drills

Football passing drills to improve your game

Football passing drills should be part of all training sessions. These exercises are designed to automate movements required during an actual game.

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How to kick a football

How to kick a football – 3 basic kicking techniques

In this video, we show you how to kick a football. The video covers 3 basic kicking techniques that everyone should know and practice with both feet.

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5 Football shooting drills for 2020

Football shooting drills are loved by all players. They are a great way to finish your training sessions and have fun. In this post we discuss 5 classic shooting drills that you should be using for this

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Messi shooting at goal

3 ways of shooting in football

There are many different ways of shooting in football. In this post we go over three drills that focus on accuracy rather than power.

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