Football Drills for Amateurs

Football Drills for Amateurs

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

Get‘s most popular drills in a handy book. We wanted to express our gratitude for choosing to be a part of our growing community, so as a token of our appreciation, we’ve gathered our top 25 drills and bundled them into a convenient book, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and absolutely no pesky ads or distractions.

This comprehensive guide is designed specifically for senior amateur teams, providing a structured yet fun approach to football training. Whether you’re playing in Sunday leagues, pub leagues, or just having a kickaround with friends, “Football Drills for Amateurs” is tailored to help you and your team improve your game while keeping the joy of football alive.

Inside this 80-page guide, you’ll find a wealth of drills and exercises that cover all aspects of the game. From passing and shooting to team coordination and defense, each drill is carefully crafted to be engaging and effective. The book features popular drills such as the 5v5 Rondo, high-intensity passing circuits, and one-touch attacking triangle drills. Each exercise is accompanied by clear instructions and diagrams, making it easy to implement and execute during your training sessions.

We believe this book is the resource you’ve been waiting for to elevate your game to new heights. And the best part? The book costs only $1 – cheaper than buying us a coffee 😉

By taking advantage of this deal, you’re gaining access to practical knowledge and helping us continue to create quality resources for football fanatics like yourself. Don’t let your passion for football fizzle out due to lack of proper training. Get your copy of “Football Drills for Amateurs” today and take the first step towards improving your game and enjoying football to the fullest.