Football Techniques
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Football training methods: Analytical vs Global

Many football training methods have been popular over the years. The following post explains two main methods: analytical and global.

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Popular childhood football games that you should still play as an adult

Playing simple games is a great way of learning football skills. In this post we discuss childhood football games that you can incorporate to your training.

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What football position should you play?

Find the perfect position in the field for you.. Take our fun quiz to know what position is more suited to your skills and body type.

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Are you too old to play football? – Playing football beyond 30s

When are you too old to play football? In this post we discuss how you can play beyond your 30’s and what to do when you finally have to “retire”.

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Top 5 football skills YouTube channels

Finding quality football skills videos can be challenging.In this post we share our favorite football skills Youtube channels.

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Famous football quotes to inspire your team

Over the last few months I’ve shared famous football quotes in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I’ve collected them all in this post. Print your favorite quote and hang it in the

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