Football Techniques
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Latest football drills

Warm up with this wall pass drill

One of the best ways to beat a defending player is to use a wall pass. In this post, we describe a multiple wall-passes drill.

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Fun crossing and shooting drill

Fire up your players with this football shooting drill. Practice finishing direct shots and crosses in a single exercise.

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Defensive drill – Backline coordination

Your defenders should move as a single block when playing zonal defending. This drill will improve their backline coordination.

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Passing drill – 5v5 Rondo

Stop using the same old passing drill! This post describes a variation of the old rondo that will keep players interested.

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Long shot drill – Score from outside the penalty box

You don’t need to get in the penalty box to score. The drill in this post will encourage players to score with a long shot.

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Defense vs attack – Counter attack drill

This counter attack drill will improve your chances of scoring and simultaneously prepare your defenders to stop counter attacks.

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