Football Techniques
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Latest football drills

Atletico Madrid sliding tackle drill

Sliding tackles are legal but risky. Therefore, players must know how to perform them safely and when to use them. This post describes a sliding tackle drill used by Atletico Madrid.

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Defending in the box drill

Defending in the box can be a risky business, but even good teams have to do it at some point during a game. This drill will help your defence to minimise mistakes when the ball is close to their goal. Setup This drill is a competitive game between your defenders and the rest of your

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Football passing drill – Killer pass

A good through-ball pass can create great goal opportunities. This drill will help your players to execute a killer pass.

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Football shooting drill – Volley shot

A volley shot can make for a spectacular goal but also an embarrassing miss. This drill will help your players perfect their volley shot.

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Build up from your defensive half

Sunday league teams often restart the game with a long kick from the goalkeeper. It may feel like an easy way to keep the opposition away from your goal. However, long balls are only effective if your goalie is incredibly accurate with his kick, and your midfield is unbelievably good at their air game and

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Counterattack drill – Chasing from behind

The counterattack drill in this post will help your defenders improve their tackling techniques when chasing strikers from behind.

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