Football clubs open training sessions on YouTube 

by Pablo M09th Feb 2023

Image by Marco Verch, Creative Commons 2.0

Most professional clubs have a presence on Youtube. Some run open training sessions that are recorded and uploaded to their channel. These sessions can be used as inspiration to plan your own team training.

Open training sessions are training days the club allows the public and media to attend when they know they won’t reveal any secrets. In fact, these events are organised as a marketing strategy to bring fans closer to the team and to generate additional revenue through sponsorships and ticket sales to attend them. So, while there are online resources like our website to find football drills, the truth is that there is no secret sauce.

The diagrams created for the drills we share at Football Techniques are worth a thousand words, but videos are worth millions. That is why, when we can, we share a video from a club or coach that demonstrates the drill. Often the videos are sourced from professional clubs’ Youtube channels. Below we list the channels we used as sources of inspiration or to demonstrate a well-known drill.

Honourable mentions

Some professional coaches also post videos to their own channels these are some we follow: