Football Techniques
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How to execute a throw-in

Often not practiced enough, a bad throw-in can cost you dearly during a game.

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How To Master The Ball

10 great exercises to increase your foot skills.

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World’s best football fans chants

Best chants in world football.

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Moves all players should know

The techniques explained in the video are not necessary easy. Nevertheless, very useful moves.

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Striker tips – How to lose your marker and score

Everyone wants to score goals, but only few players consistently do. They seem to have that special gift, to be in the right place at the right time every single time. It is not magic, you can actually

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How to shoot with power

I see it all the time on the pitch, excellent dribblers but with a weak shoot. The best jugglers and dribblers are pretty much useless in a football team if they can’t shoot to goal. You need to

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Football skills – Top 5 training drills to improve fast

Video – Soccer training drills to improve fast

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