Top 5 football skills YouTube channels

by Pablo M08th Dec 2019

Our posts are usually illustrated with YouTube videos from around the world. When trying to find the most appropriate videos, we often come back to the same channels. In this post we share our favorite football skills Youtube channels.

7mlc – Michael Lewis Cunningham

Michael Lewis Cunningham is a professional footballer who has played on 4 continents around the world in a variety of formats. Michael shares in his YouTube channel both, his personal training methods as well as advice that he received from coaches and colleagues.

Michael’s videos feature heavily in our website. His videos are clear and his methods simple and effective. Thanks to its quality content, 7MLC is quickly reaching 500,000 subscribers!


AllAttack has recently reached the 900,000 subscribers! As its name implies, AllAttack showcases and teaches attacking skills used by professional players. This YouTube channel is the creation of Kaden Brinkman.

Kaden teaches you the skills needed to be a dangerous attacker and does a great job on showcasing these skills in the context of professional football matches. The video below is a good example.


David McEwen runs SimplySoccer. The channel not only goes over topics that involve improving players overall soccer ability, but also goes over skill sets and mindsets that encourage progression in life.

With over 250,00 subscribers, the channel publishes videos up to 7 times a week! The videos cover all positions in the field and a wide range of topics. This channel is probably the most balanced football skills YouTube channel in our list.

Become Elite

Become Elite is Matt Sheldon’s creation. Matt is a professional soccer player. This channel features tips and drills to improve players skills and the behind the scenes of the life of a football player. Matt also operates the Against All Odds Podcast, which combined with Become Elite have over 300,000 subscribers.

Essentially the channel follows Matt Sheldon’s daily schedule. Showing you his exact soccer training sessions, his workouts, his weight lifting/weight training programs, his diet/nutrition, and mentality as he progresses through his professional soccer career. Of particular interest in this channel are “The Offseason Series”.

Tacticas One90

Unfortunately the creators of Tacticas One90 seem to have run out of steam (or more likely cash). Their main website and social media channels are no longer available. The channel has only reached 7,000 subscriptions, and they stopped publishing videos.

Despite the lack of recent activity, the dozen videos available feature clear instructions and good infographics to help understanding the concepts. The channel focuses on simple tips for both attacking and defensive players.

The list above is just a sample of the thousands of football skills YouTube channels available. If there is a YouTube channel that you like, please comment below. We are always on the look for new material.