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Passing drill – Rondo with goals

Stop using the same old passing drill! This post describes a variation of the old rondo that will keep players interested.

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Wall passing with a third man running

Wall passing, also known as “give an go”, is the simplest and most commonly used passing combination. It is a play in which a player passes the ball to a teammate, then accelerates past a

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Fun passing drill for football: The Box

Often coaches forget about making training fun. There are many fun passing drills for football, in this post we will discuss “La Caja” (the box).

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Football passing drills to improve your game

Football passing drills should be part of all training sessions. These exercises are designed to automate movements required during an actual game.

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How to kick a football – 3 basic kicking techniques

In this video, we show you how to kick a football. The video covers 3 basic kicking techniques that everyone should know and practice with both feet.

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First touch drills to improve your game

A good first touch helps you and your team to keep control of the ball. There is nothing more frustrating for a team than a player that constantly loses the ball because it bounces a metre or more away

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Football attacking drill – Attack vs Defense

Many football offense drills only focus on the attacking players. In this post we discuss a drill that involves all players in your team.

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Football winger training drills: The Swimming Lanes

Wingers need to be good at taking players one-on-one, crossing the ball and scoring. There are many football winger training drills that focus on these individual skills. However, depending on the

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