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Quick finishing drill

In this post we discuss a finishing drill that will keep everyone moving fast. The objective of the drill is to practice dribbling and shooting at speed.

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3 ways of shooting in football

There are many different ways of shooting in football. In this post we go over three drills that focus on accuracy rather than power.

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Fun passing drill for football: The Box

Often coaches forget about making training fun. There are many fun passing drills for football, in this post we will discuss “La Caja” (the box).

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Small football game with end zones

This is a simple football game with end zones and 4 goals. The main objectives of the game are to practice possession football in attack, and good positioning when defending. Setup This football game

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Football attacking drill – Attack vs Defense

Many football offense drills only focus on the attacking players. In this post we discuss a drill that involves all players in your team.

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Striker tips – How to lose your marker and score

Everyone wants to score goals, but only few players consistently do. They seem to have that special gift, to be in the right place at the right time every single time. It is not magic, you can actually

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Keeping team shape – Training with a grid

A common issue in amateur football is keeping team shape during games. This drill will help players position themselves in real game scenarios.

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Small sided game to teach team shape

Team shape is the ability of players to maintain the team’s formation during a game, especially on defense. Maintaining team shape is actually harder than it sounds. In this post we describe

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