5 videos of effective moves to beat defenders

by Pablo M20th May 2020

The most effective dribbling skills are pretty simple. You only need to know a few effective moves to beat defenders. In this post, we selected step-by-step videos from popular YouTubers to help you improve your game.

Matt Sheldon from Become Elite

Matt is a professional soccer player. His channel features tips and drills to improve players’ skills and the behind-the-scenes of the life of a football player.

In this video, Matt describes how to position your body as you approach a defender before even attempting any of these 3 moves:

  • Stepover
  • Drag and go
  • Maradona
Check Matt’s channel here.

Michael Lewis Cunningham (7MLC)

Michael is a professional footballer who has played on 4 continents around the world in a variety of formats. On his YouTube channel, Michael shares his personal training methods as well as advice that he received from coaches and colleagues.

In this video, Michael shares 5 moves:

  • Body feint
  • La Croqueta
  • Sombrero
  • Fake shot
  • Challenge Skip
Check Michael’s channel here.

David McEwen from SimplySoccer

In his channel, David has a holistic approach to football skills. Therefore, his videos showcase various football moves and discuss mindsets that encourage progression in life.

His effective moves to beat defenders include:

  • Fake shot
  • The Cruyff
  • Stop & Go
  • La Croqueta
  • Ronaldo chop
Check David’s channel here.

Kaden Brinkman from AllAttack

Kaden teaches you the skills needed to be a dangerous attacker and showcases these skills in the context of professional football matches.

This video doesn’t cover dribbling moves like the previous videos. This video is all about the first touch:

  • Touch turn
  • Behind the leg
  • Fake & Touch
  • Chest Touch
  • Sombrero
Check Kaden’s channel here.

Will John from Goluremi

Will is a former professional footballer that played around the world: MLS, Europa League, Morocco and Azerbaijan. He’s amassed over 1.5 Million followers across all platforms sharing his knowledge of football to improve young players everywhere.

In this video, Will covers simple moves to beat defenders. Some of these skills are similar to those described in previous videos but with Will’s flavour. These skills are simple (not necessarily easy) but efficient:

  • The ninja push
  • The Kylian cut
  • The Katan cut
  • The R9 faint
  • The 360 nutmeg