Increase your chances of scoring with this long-distance shooting drill

by Pablo M27th May 2021

Shots from outside the box are more effective than many believe. Your team can score directly from a long shot or a secondary situation such as a rebound. This long-distance shooting drill will improve your team’s chances of scoring from long shots.


You don’t need an actual football field to practise this drill, but you need enough space, cones to mark the pitch, full-size goals and a few balls. If you can’t get hold of goals, use cones or preferably agility poles to mark them. Distribute the cones to mark a field as shown in the picture below. If you have a full field, you can use half of it and set a second goal in the midline of the field.

Ideally, you want to practise this drill with 14 players (6 players and a goalkeeper per team). This number of player simulates a 4 players defensive or midfield line and 2 strikers (4-4-2). However, you can play with fewer players (a minimum of 2 players and 1 goalie per team).

Long-distance shooting drill


This drill is a more complex variation of a game that we shared in a previous post. The objective is to practice scoring from long-distance and second chances. On the other hand, teams also practice defending against long shots. The instructions for this drill are:

  • 4 players per team can only move in their defensive half.
  • 2 strikers per team can only move in the opposition half.
  • Players should only use two touches at all times: receive and pass; or receive and shoot.
  • The team with the ball tries to keep possession by circulating the ball anywhere on the pitch.
  • The 4 defending players cannot cross the middle line but they can pass the ball to the strikers.
  • The 2 strikers cannot cross back into their defensive half but they can pass the ball back to the defending players.
  • The 2 strikers can pass the ball between themselves.
  • Players can score from behind the middle line, after a rebound or from a play between strikers after a rebound.
  • The strikers cannot score after a pass from a defending player.
  • A striker cannot score after a pass from the other striker if the later received the ball from a defending player.
  • Sliding tackles are not allowed.
  • You can set a score target to win the game or a time limit to finish the game.


There is nothing more frustrating than a team with excellent ball control but zero attempts at goal in a game. This long-distance shooting drill encourages players to attempt long shots during a game. It also helps to open games in which your opposition is playing an extremely defensive tactic and it is almost impossible to break through their defensive line. While the focus of this game is to practice shooting, the 4 players in the defensive zone and your goalkeepers will also practice stopping long-shot attempts. This exercise will improve:

  • Passing accuracy
  • Team coordination
  • Shooting accuracy
  • Timing and reaction
  • Defending close to the goal
  • Goalkeeping

I hope you find this drill useful. If you like this post, please share it with your friends. If you know other exercises or have any questions, leave a comment below.