Epic Soccer Training – 5 videos to boost your skills

by Pablo M19th Mar 2020

Epic Soccer Training is one of the longest running football programs available int the web. Whether you are a football player looking to improve your skills or a coach searching for ways to boost players’ performance, Epic Soccer Training can help you reach your goals quickly. In this post we share 5 different videos from the course to get you started.

While team practice is great for team building and gets your players ready for the games, you have to make sure that you or your players are practising individually. Besides, many teams, specially amateur teams, don’t have time to focus on the basic skills during training. Think your training session as the time you put all the individual efforts to use and get the players ready for game situation. Epic Soccer Training can help you and your team to develop individual skills in their own time. And if you have enough time during team training, you may decide to include some of the exercises from the program.

We selected 5 videos focusing on different aspects of the game that we think you will find useful. If you decide to go for the whole program, click on this link or the banner below.

Epic Soccer Training

Conditioning drill

Most people think that you need to run miles a day to be in peak football shape, but it’s not really the case. Football involves a lot of explosive sprints, so you want to use interval training as part of your training sessions.

In addition, the amount of running you do in a game is a little bit different depending on the position you play. Ideally, you will use specific exercises for each position. There are however common conditioning drills that you want to do. In this video, Matt shows you a drill called the wheel drill.

Dribbling drills

Dribbling training improves your foundational skills, in particular your first touch. This type of drills will help you to stay on your feet and have the ball always with you no matter what situation you’re in.

When you make a bad touch in a dribbling drill, which will happen regardless of who you are, you will learn how to correct your errors quickly. So when you’re on the field and you make a wrong touch, you can fix your mistakes quicker than you otherwise would. This video takes you through a few of these drills.

How to kick a ball

You probably wonder how a small guy can get a rocket hard shot. It is all about form and knowing where to actually kick the ball. In this video, Matt walks your through three basic fundamental kicks that every player should know: pass kick, chip kick and driven shot.

If you want to learn more about shooting, have a look at our other posts.

3 moves to beat a defender

One thing that players enjoy the most, specially attacking players, are football moves. Most players are not really taught these moves in team practice. Often they’re taught to do the move and that’s it, but you have to think of them in terms of “acting” because you’re selling a move. You’re telling your opponent you are moving one way and then exploding the other way.

In this video, Matt’s walks your through three moves: a beginner move, an intermediate move and then an advanced move. If you want to learn more attacking moves have a look at our other posts.

How to do a throw in

Often not practised enough, a bad throw-in can cost you dearly during a game. A defensive throw-in badly taken can become a foul throw that gives an attack opportunity to your opponents. It is one of the most silly mistakes to make in football.

In this video from, Matt takes you through the basics of a throw-in, what you can do and what you can’t do.

If you liked the videos above, and you think Epic Soccer Training is for you, click in the banner below to learn more.

Epic Soccer Training