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Shooting drill

Quick finishing drill

In this post we discuss a finishing drill that will keep everyone moving fast. The objective of the drill is to practice dribbling and shooting at speed. Advertisements ...

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How to kick a football

Epic Soccer Training – 5 videos to boost your skills

Epic Soccer Training is one of the longest running football programs available int the web. Have a look at this 5 videos from the course to get you started.

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Football defensive drill

Put your defence under pressure with this defensive drill

Often in a game the defence is outnumbered by the opposition. In this post we discuss a drill that emulates a defence under pressure. Don’t be unprepared!

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Shooting practice

One touch attacking triangle drill

Learn how to execute one touch attacking triangles to break the defence and create shooting opportunities at the edge of the box.

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5 Football shooting drills for 2020

Football shooting drills are loved by all players. They are a great way to finish your training sessions and have fun. In this post we discuss 5 classic shooting drills that you should be using for this

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