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Corner kick

Simple corner kick drill to practice attack and defense

Your team must master corner kicks to be successful in a tournament. This post details a simple corner kick drill that is proven to be effective.

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Youtube Football Skills Channel

Top 5 football skills YouTube channels

Finding quality football skills videos can be challenging.In this post we share our favorite football skills Youtube channels.

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Zinedine Zidane

5 attributes every attacking midfielder must have

Attacking midfielders are the play-makers of most teams. In this post we discuss the skills you must have to be become a great attacking midfielder.

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Keeping shape training

Small sided game to teach team shape

Team shape is the ability of players to maintain the team’s formation during a game, especially on defense. Maintaining team shape is actually harder than it sounds. In this post we describe a simple

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amateur football

How to form a football team with your friends and be competitive

Only a few chosen manage to get through the ranks of a football academy, football club or college football. Even fewer, get to become professional. The rest of us mortals still play the beautiful

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