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A goalkeeping masterclass

Kids often join soccer teams dreaming to be the next Messi or Ronaldo, very few like to guard the goal. I was the fat kid on the block, I was always sent to guard goal… I learnt to love the position.

Good goalies are scarce. Anyone that put a team together knows it. The role requires not only to have good reflexes and technique, but also a very strong mind. When a striker misses a goal, it’s often not a big deal, they’ll have another chance. If a goalkeeper makes a mistake, it often costs their team a game.

Petr Čech is a goalkeeping legend. In this excellent video he runs through hints and tips on how to improve your handling, positioning and footwork. Highly recommended to anyone playing at goal.

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Goalie tips - Preparation on corner kicks - Football Techniques says June 7, 2019

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